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Fascinate 2013/2014

Photo courtesy of Fascinate 2013

Fascinate 2013

I have just booked tickets for Fascinate 2014 ( at Falmouth University and am ultra excited. After an insanely fulfilling, insightful and fun time last August I’m going back for more! The initial conference held last year was only 3 days long but crammed full of showcases, talks, workshops (and alcohol!). The legend that is Atau Tanaka was the keynote speaker who talked about STEIM, Sensorband, the changing face of musical instruments exploring his Tool V Instrument approach and the definitions of performance.

The Wednesday night showcase was the highlight with performance after performance of innovative amazingness. Alberto Novello’s Fragmentation was mindblowing, no one believes me when I tell them about this performance. Check out his vimeo page for more info, but he basically controls a pac-man game on screen and sounds linked to its movements using his brain. His talk the next day was really insightful also. Tychonas Michailidis’s Live Mechanics for piano and live electronics was beautiful. I just wanted that performance to last forever, the sounds he created were quite ethereal in places. Also, really got into Dave Griffiths Live Coding Fluxus and Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa’s somewhat erotic performance entitled ‘The Wireless Bra and Shovel Controller’.

The workshop on VVV was hardcore, especially with a mighty hangover and although a steep learning curve and only the basics understood I could still fully appreciate the benefits of using this for a live music performance (although it only currently works on a PC).

Then a trip to Trebah Gardens ( an incredible dinner. This really was something, walking through the stunning gardens with lots of open-minded interesting artists down to the beach for drumming and then back up for food and drinks.

I only found about this conference the day before, and foolishly only booked for the one day, this time I’ve booked for the whole thing, because it really was the most incredible experience. Not to mention I got pretty much all my research for my MMus thesis from these 2 days, which you can check out below if you so please!

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