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Field Studies 2014

Field Studies is a 4 day course, run by Musarc and held at London Metropolitan University, that is devised of masterclasses, workshops, lectures and performances. As outlined on their website, Field Studies is “ opportunity to learn how sound can be recorded; how hearing affects the way we perceive places and space; and how ‘sound’ can operate as a paradigm and starting point in creative practice and discourse”.

With the Berlin based Composer and Sound Artist Sam Auinger as my masterclass teacher my group explored the four modes of listening (causality, semantic, reduced listening and emotional quality) to create a performance art piece, Carpark Heaven, based on the simultaneous field recordings captured at set points around a nearby carpark (see image below).

carpark heaven recording positions map

Using these recordings I am in the process of creating a sound art piece, with the working title ‘Sounds of the City’ that explores the constant pulse and rhythmic soundscape of the city as heard from various static locations within a car park. This will allow for the listener to be transported around the car park to explore how the acoustics of an open but defined space within a city affects sound.

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