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Spatial Wanderings App

Wander through space… Four pieces of electroacoustic music to listen to with three sets of sounds to find and manipulate on each page.

Spatial Wanderings is an application designed as a sonic experience partially controlled and created by the user. It is a form of auditory storytelling, comprised of four chapters and twelve key sounds, which are highlighted for the user to manipulate within set parameters to create their own piece of work. As such, each experience will vary.

Initially inspired by the children’s gamebook series ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ where stories were written in the second-person and the reader could shape the narrative by choosing the protagonist’s destiny at the end of each chapter. This source of inspiration formed an idea that evolved into the playfulness of sound creation through the user interface and user control in deciding when to move onto the next chapter; blurring the lines between listener, user and composer. Having established a space and welcomed users into it, ownership was handed over to them to participate and explore.

The theme behind Spatial Wanderings is one of mindfulness, discovery and adventure. How stillness and silence can engender creativity and the path this creativity then takes. Specifically it relates to the four stages encountered in meditation.

Available for Mac only at (click on download button at top of page)

View music and sounds only at

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