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The Artist’s Way bootcamp with Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way workshop with Julia Cameron

It is the second time I have taken part in Julia Cameron’s 2 day workshop The Artist Way (, organised by Alternatives in London (, and this one was equally as fulfilling as the first. Based on her best-selling book The Artist Way the workshop comprises of individual small time-bound quizzes about yourself and creativity, clusters (where you discuss what you wrote down in the quiz and your findings), popcorn (positive comments about one another) and q&a sessions with Julia herself.

It’s quite hard to put into words how such simple tasks such as list U turns you’ve made, 5 alternative lives, different personas, it was brave of me to…, adventures to be had, 5 people I admire etc can be so effective in understanding where your blocks are as an artist and what you need to do to overcome these but somehow they do!

If you’ve read the book then you’ll know the three main ways to “discover and recover your creative self” are morning pages (stream of consciousness writing to fill 3 sides of A4 – I have to get up at 5am to do this!), weekly artist date (to be taken alone, extravagant or simple) and a weekly walk, all of which help propel you forward in creating new music, art, writing, film whatever you please.

Julia Cameron taught all of this herself, which amazes me, when she was experiencing major blocks and set-backs, and its incredible how she leads you down a particular path, she knows how you will feel, how it will benefit you and by the end of it all you feel empowered, but not in an annoying motivational way but instead grounded in truth ☺

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